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ImageViewer< T > Class Template Reference

Base image viewer. More...

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class smil::ImageViewer< T >

Base image viewer.

#include <DImageViewer.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef BaseImageViewer parentClass
- Public Types inherited from BaseImageViewer
typedef BaseObject parentClass
- Public Types inherited from BaseObject
typedef void parentClass
typedef void(BaseObject::* voidMemberFunc) ()

Public Member Functions

 ImageViewer (Image< T > &im)
virtual void setImage (Image< T > &im)
virtual Image< T > * getImage ()
virtual void disconnect ()
virtual void show ()
virtual void showLabel ()
virtual void hide ()
virtual bool isVisible ()
virtual void setName (const char *_name)
virtual void update ()
virtual void drawOverlay (const Image< T > &)
virtual void clearOverlay ()
virtual RES_T getOverlay (Image< T > &)
virtual void setLookup (const map< UINT8, RGB > &)
 Set the color table as a 8bits RGB map (keys between 0 and 255)
virtual void resetLookup ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseImageViewer
 BaseImageViewer (const char *_className="BaseImageViewer")
virtual void saveSnapshot (const char *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseObject
 BaseObject (const char *_className, bool _register=true)
 BaseObject (const BaseObject &rhs, bool _register=true)
BaseObjectoperator= (const BaseObject &rhs)
CoregetCoreInstance ()
virtual const char * getInfoString (const char *="") const
virtual void printSelf (ostream &=std::cout, string="") const
virtual const char * getClassName () const
virtual const char * getName () const
virtual size_t getAllocatedSize () const

Public Attributes

Signal onOverlayModified
- Public Attributes inherited from BaseImageViewer
MemberFunctionSlot< BaseImageViewerupdateSlot
- Public Attributes inherited from BaseObject
bool triggerEvents

Protected Member Functions

virtual void drawImage ()
virtual void onSizeChanged (size_t, size_t, size_t)

Protected Attributes

Image< T > * image
bool labelImage
- Protected Attributes inherited from BaseImageViewer
bool labelImage
- Protected Attributes inherited from BaseObject
bool registered
string className
string name

Private Attributes

size_t imSize [3]


class Image< T >

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