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Core Class Reference

Core module instance. More...

Detailed Description

Core module instance.

#include <DCoreInstance.h>

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Public Member Functions

UINT getNumberOfThreads ()
UINT getNumberOfCores ()
UINT getMaxNumberOfThreads ()
RES_T setNumberOfThreads (UINT nbr)
void resetNumberOfThreads ()
size_t getAllocatedMemory ()
const CpuIDgetCpuID ()
void registerObject (BaseObject *obj)
void unregisterObject (BaseObject *obj)
vector< BaseObject * > getRegisteredObjects ()
vector< BaseImage * > getImages ()
void showAllImages ()
void hideAllImages ()
void deleteAllImages ()
int getImageIndex (BaseImage *img)
void getCompilationInfos (ostream &outStream=std::cout)

Public Attributes

bool keepAlive
bool autoResizeImages
Signal onBaseImageCreated
Signal onBaseImageDestroyed

Protected Member Functions

void deleteRegisteredObjects ()

Protected Attributes

UINT coreNumber
UINT threadNumber
UINT maxThreadNumber
const char * systemName
const char * targetArchitecture
const bool supportOpenMP
vector< BaseObject * > registeredObjects
vector< BaseImage * > registeredImages
const CpuID cpuID


class UniqueInstance< Core >

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UniqueInstance< Core >
static CoregetInstance ()
static RES_T initialize ()
static void kill ()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from UniqueInstance< Core >
static Core_instance

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