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Installation Issues - FAQ

Libraries incompatibilities

There may be some library incompatibilities when using Smil. Most of the time, with Python and Qt.

Binaries distributions are built with libraries available on Linux distributions. So, Smil will work fine with these releases. If the release changes - major or minus versions, smilPython module won't load.

If you're using Python from an Anaconda environment, you have two options :

  • build your Anaconda environment with the same version of Python in your Linux distribution;
  • build Smil from source in order to match the Python version in your Anaconda environment.

Python/Qt modules lacking

If you have this message when you do import smilPython :

    Could not load requested Qt binding. Please ensure that
    PyQt4 >= 4.7, PyQt5, PySide >= 1.0.3 or PySide2 is available,
    and only one is imported per session.

    Currently-imported Qt library:                              None
    PyQt4 available (requires QtCore, QtGui, QtSvg):            False
    PyQt5 available (requires QtCore, QtGui, QtSvg, QtWidgets): False
    PySide >= 1.0.3 installed:                                  False
    PySide2 installed:                                          False
    Tried to load:                                              ['pyqtdefault', 'pyside', 'pyqt5', 'pyside2']

you should install some more modules :


apt-get -y install python3-qtpy python3-pyqt5 
apt-get -y install libqt5gui5 libqt5core5a libqt5widgets5 python3-pyqt5.qtsvg

Fedora & CentOS

dnf install python3-pyside2
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