SMIL Authors

First author

  • Matthieu Faessel (matthieu dot faessel at mines-paristech dot fr)

Maintainer and main contributor

  • José-Marcio Martins da Cruz (jose-marcio dot martins at mines-paristech dot fr)

Contributors (alphabetical order)

  • Amin Fehri
  • Beatriz Marcotegui
  • Etienne Decencière-Ferrandière
  • Michel Bilodeau
  • Pierre Guillou : Python 3 and C++11 compatibility, MSVC porting issues, pkg-config generation, bugs and warnings under GCC and Clang, warnings while generating documentation (doxygen), git repository management.
  • Serge Koudoro
  • Theodore Chabardes - (theodore dot chabardes at mines-paristech dot fr)
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