SMIL  1.1
Getting Smil


Smil is available in two flavors :

  • binary - the easiest way to install and use Smil;
  • source files - to have access to everything inside Smil, fine tune your configuration, compile some Addons not enabled by default or some other requirement not satisfied by the binary flavor.
Anaconda users shall, most of the time, build themselves their own version of Smil. Some time in the future there will be Smil packages for Anaconda.

Requirements summary

  • C++11 compatible compiler - gcc is OK
  • git - if you want to install Smil from sources.
  • cmake - if you want to install Smil from sources.
  • swig - if you want to install Smil from sources.
  • Python 2.7 or greater - Python > 3.5 is better.
  • Qt 4 or greater (option) - Qt5 is much much better.
  • Image libraries
    • libpng
    • libtiff
    • libjpeg
  • doxygen, inkscape and graphviz (option), if you want to build the documentation part.
  • We make little effort to ensure compatibility with Linux distribution using too old versions of some pieces of software (mainly Qt4 and Python 2.7 - e.g. CentOS 7 and RedHat 7). If you're still using these distributions in your system and you can't upgrade you'll be more confortable running Smil under Anaconda.
  • Smil binaries are still available for these two distributions but they don't come with the Qt dependent part - the graphical user interface allowing you to display images.

Where to get it