SMIL  1.0.0-dev
Image< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Image< T >, including all inherited members.

allocate()Image< T >virtual
clone(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >virtual
clone(bool cloneData=true)Image< T >inlinevirtual
deallocate()Image< T >virtual
drain(Image< T > *im, bool deleteSrc=false)Image< T >
fromArray(const T inArray[])Image< T >
fromCharArray(const signed char inArray[])Image< T >
fromIntArray(const int inArray[])Image< T >
fromIntVector(const vector< int > inVector)Image< T >
fromNumArray(PyObject *array)Image< T >
fromString(string pixVals)Image< T >
getInfoString(const char *indent="") constImage< T >inlinevirtual
getLines() constImage< T >inline
getNumArray(bool c_contigous=false)Image< T >
getPixel(size_t x, size_t y, size_t z=0) constImage< T >inline
getPixel(size_t offset) constImage< T >inline
getPixels() constImage< T >inline
getSlice(size_t sliceNum) constImage< T >
getSlices() constImage< T >inline
getTypeAsString()Image< T >inlinevirtual
getViewer()Image< T >virtual
getVoidPointer(void)Image< T >inlinevirtual
hide()Image< T >virtual
Image()Image< T >
Image(size_t w, size_t h, size_t d=1)Image< T >
Image(const char *fileName)Image< T >
Image(const Image< T > &rhs, bool cloneData=false)Image< T >
isVisible()Image< T >virtual
modified()Image< T >virtual
operator bool()Image< T >
operator!=(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator&(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator&(const T &value)Image< T >
operator&=(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator&=(const T &value)Image< T >
operator*(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator*(const T &value)Image< T >
operator*=(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator*=(const T &value)Image< T >
operator+(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator+(const T &value)Image< T >
operator+=(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator+=(const T &value)Image< T >
operator-(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator-(const T &value)Image< T >
operator-=(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator-=(const T &value)Image< T >
operator/(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator/(const T &value)Image< T >
operator/=(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator/=(const T &value)Image< T >
operator<(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator<(const T &value)Image< T >
operator<<(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator<<(const T &value)Image< T >
operator<<(const lineType &tab)Image< T >
operator<<(vector< T > &vect)Image< T >
operator<=(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator<=(const T &value)Image< T >
operator==(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator>(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator>(const T &value)Image< T >
operator>=(const Image< T > &rhs)Image< T >
operator>=(const T &value)Image< T >
operator>>(vector< T > &vect)Image< T >
operator~() constImage< T >
printSelf(ostream &os, bool displayPixVals, bool hexaGrid=false, string indent="") constImage< T >
setName(const char *_name)Image< T >virtual
setPixel(size_t x, size_t y, size_t z, const T &value)Image< T >inline
setPixel(size_t x, size_t y, const T &value)Image< T >inline
setPixel(size_t offset, const T &value)Image< T >inline
setSize(size_t w, size_t h, size_t d=1, bool doAllocate=true)Image< T >virtual
setSize(size_t s[3], bool doAllocate=true)Image< T >inlinevirtual
setSize(const BaseImage &rhs, bool doAllocate=true)Image< T >inlinevirtual
setSize(const vector< UINT > s, bool doAllocate=true)Image< T >inlinevirtual
show(const char *_name=NULL, bool labelImage=false)Image< T >virtual
showLabel(const char *_name=NULL)Image< T >virtual
toArray(T outArray[])Image< T >
toCharArray(signed char outArray[])Image< T >
toIntArray(int outArray[])Image< T >
toIntVector()Image< T >
toString()Image< T >